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BTS from the Pre-Blog Era

Some behind-the-scenes images from a few different productions that I found on my computer.

Things that should've been on this blog, if only it had existed: Vol. 1

This blog wasn't around a year ago, but if it had been, this would've been the first post. In August 2017, The Roxy Cinema invited Michelle Zauner (Japanese Breakfast) and I to host a screening of our music video collaborations, and to curate the feature film of our choice to follow it. It's an exceedingly rare opportunity to see an anthology of your own work screened in that way, especially with projects that were never truly intended to be projected or consumed all at once. I loved it. At that point we had shot 5 projects together (that number is up to 8 at the time of writing this), and seeing them played on the big screen was a humbling reminder of where we began, where we were, and what lied ahead. We followed up our work with a screening of Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master, which I hadn't seen in theaters since it's original 70mm run. It remains one of my favorite films.

The Roxy published a write-up of the event, complete with a video of our Q&A, which you can check out here.

Photo Cred: Carly Lovejoy

Photo Cred: Carly Lovejoy